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Chozen 2B Whole’s foundation is built upon the team's personal experiences and expertise within their designated fields of study and/or work.  

Our sexual/nonsexual approach to trauma recovery is transparent and customizable, to address the specificity of  each client, family, and community. Chozen 2B Whole's goal, is to connect intentionally with every individual wherever they are on the spectrum of recovery.


Monique Miller

Regd. Social Service Worker

Monique is a multifaceted  Registered Social Service Worker. She has an eclectic list of strengths, perfected in her work as a program coordinator/facilitator for individuals living away from home, and diagnosed with varying abilities. 


Secondly, in her role as a Community Relations Worker, Monique supports clients fleeing domestic/sexual violence, and offers guidance for those requiring shelter and housing protection. Monique's love for community parallels the mission and vision of Chozen 2B Whole. 

Nicole Francis

Founder & CEO

Nicole “Chozen Clay” is a Sexual Trauma Recovery Coach, a Certified Mental Health First Aid Responder, and a survivor of multiple forms of sexual violence and domestic abuse.


Nicole's resilience, compassion, and love for community were few of the reasons she founded Chozen 2B Whole in 2020. Overcoming her own challenges, Nicole knew that combatting sexual violence, and associated traumas would become her life’s work.

Nicole is intrinsically motivated to support others through their recovery process, whilst exposing predatory tactics, and teaching preventative strategies. Nicole is a true community advocate and ally. 

Tolu Adeosun

Registered Social Worker

Tolu is a clinical Social Worker, with over 15 years of experience working with clients requiring mental health intervention. Her work includes supporting persons navigating depression, anxiety, and/or struggling with introspective self-awareness, to list a few.

Tolu's approach guides individuals towards unlocking, re-stablishing, or establishing healthier and productive life choices. 


Tolu is an asset to Chozen 2B Whole’s clients and community members.

Vitina Filiberto

Registered Psychotherapist &

Expressive Arts Therapist

Vitina’s interests in the hierarchy of needs and human behaviour are the reasons why she is an effective Registered Psychotherapist and an Expressive Arts Therapist.


Vitina works with an array of community members, and offers therapy sessions that are innovative, compassionate, and effective.


Vitina's life experiences and her traversing her own traumas, makes her relatable to the clients of Chozen 2B Whole. 

Carol Stephenson

Transformational Life Coach

Untitled (3 x 4.5 in).png

Ahrabi Thipakaran

C2BW's Youth Ambassador

Carol is a Transformation Life & Relationship Coach, who has had her fair share of relationship challenges. She understands the difficulties within the process of rebuilding after trauma. 


 Carol's transformational strategies enables Chozen 2B Whole's clients to regain their confidence whenever embarking on new, or navigating existing relationships.

As Chozen 2B Whole's Youth Ambassador, Ahrabi is passionate about educating young people about the dangers of pedophilic behaviour, sexual violence recovery, and how to be safe in their community.

She understands the stigma and fear associated with this subject matter and governs her interactions, with her peers, with sensitivity and professionalism.


Ahrabi is versed in the Mission and Vision of Chozen 2B Whole and, therefore a wonderful asset to communities of young people.

Martello & Janeque

Certified Martial Artists

Janeque and Martello Jones are the owners and operators of Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy. Martello is a certified Muay Thai and Kickboxing instructor. He is an international competitor/ champion of multiple titles. Janeque is a certified Canadian WAKO national coach, competition judge, and referee. 


Art Of 8 Martial Arts Academy, provides Chozen 2B Whole's clients and the communities they serve, self-defense training, to enhance their emotional discipline, physical strength, and preparedness against sexual predators. 

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